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7th Grade Science

7th Grade is learning about osmosis and diffusion. They are using an egg to watch the cell membrane. Earlier this week they dissolved the egg shell and over the next 3 days will observe the egg being submersed in different liquids to watch the membranes function. I wonder what will happen?

Governor Cup Competition

Congratulations to our students who competed in the Middle School Governor Cup Competition this past weekend. Well done students!
2nd place Quick Recall
1st place Science: Mia
1st place Language Arts: Clara
2nd place Language Arts: Dillon
4th place (by only 2 bonus points) Language Arts: Josie
2nd place Arts and Humanities: Sophia
2nd place Composition: Clara
3rd place Composition: Dillon
Good Sportsmanship Award to St. Agnes
Congratulations to Mia, Clara, Sophia, Jonathon, Dillon, Brian, Landon, Ty, Josie, Will, and Kaire

Solar System

Alumni, Kevin Wagner, Graduate student at Arizona State studying exoplanets, visited the fourth graders of St. Agnes School to help them celebrate Galaxy Afternoon. The students were culminating their studies of the Solar System. They enjoyed extending their knowledge of our galaxy by asking Kevin questions on planets outside our solar system and about Black Holes.

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