Saint Agnes School

1322 Sleepy Hollow Road, Fort Wright, KY 41011

Saint Agnes School
1322 Sleepy Hollow Road, Fort Wright, KY 41011

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Saint Agnes Service Hours Program

Saint Agnes has a Family Service Hours Program to promote a sense of “community” among the school and parish families through participation and interaction. The school asks for the involvement of each student’s family in various activities and a commitment of 20 hours (10 hours for single head of household). Service comes in the form of volunteer participation in a variety of areas – Parish, School, PTO, Athletics, Boards and Committees support, Fundraising, Coaching, and more.

  • For the purpose of Family Service Hours, the “school year” runs from June 1 through May 31 of the school year. Excess hours accrued in one year do not carry over to a subsequent year.
  • Hours are per FAMILY, not per student.
  • Hours are not transferable between families.
  • Saint Agnes families report their hours on-line on the school’s website.
  • Each family is responsible for recording hours in order to receive credit for their work, and monitoring their progress on-line from the website.

Information about the program, a list of activities and coordinators, and a link for entering hours can be found below.

We as a whole are a better School, Parish, and Faith Community with the participation by all of our members. I encourage you to participate in the many activities our school and parish have to offer. I look forward to ‘volunteering’ with you.